Nowra Farmhouse - From the renowned region of Shaolhaven on the South Coast of NSW


For over 25 years, the Nowra Farmhouse brand has been a small brand that recognises the region around Nowra as a farming community, sustained on a thriving dairy industry.

Value for money

To provide value for money, quality products for our consumers as we continue to work towards being a market leader, and in recognition of the history of Nowra.

History of Nowra

The Nowra region, south of Bomaderry Creek was inhabited by the Wodi-Wodi tribe of the Yuin nation while north of Bomaderry Creek was inhabited by the Dharawal Aboriginal people prior to European arrival. Around 1824, ex-convict Mary Reibey applied for a land grant in the Burrier area, on the southern side of the Shoalhaven River.

The Nowra township was officially recognised in 1852. Less than ten years later, in 1861, a postal service was established. Also in that year, the racehorse ‘Archer’, trained in Nowra by Etienne de Mestre, won the first Melbourne Cup. By 1885, Nowra was declared a town.

A major landmark in the area is the house Bundanon, which began as a single-storey weatherboard structure built about 1840. In 1866, a two-storey sandstone house, made of locally quarried stone, was built immediately in front of the weatherboard house. The sandstone house features timber verandahs and is now listed on the Register of the National Estate.

Nowra is also located near Berry, Jervis Bay, Kangaroo Valley, Culburra Beach, Greenwell Point, Huskisson, Shoalhaven Heads and Cambewarra.


Nowra Farmhouse pays tribute to the history of dairy farming in the region with its smooth, delicate, full of flavour tasting range of Brie, Camembert, Double Cream Camembert and Triple Cream Brie and is a testament to the traditional methods of producing quality, white mould cheese.

Nowra Camembert 125g


Nowra farmhouse Camembert is a hand crafted cheese. This mild flavoured cheese when young appears light in colour and has a small chalk line running through the middle, when matured it is then when a soft golden centre and a nutty flavour is revealed!

Nowra Nowra Brie 125g

BRIE 125g

This hand crafted cheese is a soft centred white mould cheese producing a creamy golden centre and a velvety white exterior. The flavour is mild, but with the addition of cream gives a soft buttery mouth feel leaving your taste buds wanting more!

Nowra Triple Cream Brie 200g


Triple Cream Brie is a velvety and bold cheese with a lush creamy centre with a slightly nutty flavour. The mould is soft and white with a slight mushroomy aroma.

Nowra Double Cream Camembert 200g


Double Cream Camembert is soft and luscious with earthy notes. The centre is smooth and creamy and the mould is soft and white with mushroomy aroma.



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Nestled away amongst the green pastures along the Shoalhaven coast in southern NSW, the region around Nowra is known for its farming community and sustained dairy industry.